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  • Preemptive gas savings
  • A new angle: Now-tech
    • Our QHT (Qpinch Heat Transformer)
    • Activating today means:

These are maddening times. Capricious price jumps in the energy market are holding businesses hostage. Even more so in the heavy industries that rely strongly on gas for process-heat. Increasing numbers of process departments are better off shutting down than chasing current gas prices. And we are looking at long term developments here. As if the emission reduction targets didn’t raise the bar high enough already. Any business leader with savvy survival skills is looking for scenarios that can lift the brakes off. Speed is of the essence. Qpinch is presenting some NOW-TECH to help you achieve precisely that.

Now-tech is: immediately available, where other solutions are still in development or take ages to get up and running. The timeline to implement (from yes to yield) most energy substitution and CCS tech is measured in decades, while a Now-tech fulfilment cycle is strikingly shorter. In the QHT’s case, 3 years

Bounding gas prices today are not just a fickle hiccup. The graphs depict a steady and excessive increase, predicting a massacre both for industry and consumers. Recent geopolitical pressures have contributed to an already worrisome evolution for a resource that is still a decisive part of our energy supply. Gas prices today embody a distortion which strongly permeates our vision of the future. They require an actionable response.



Preemptive gas savings

European member states have agreed to a precautionary 15% gas savings plan for the coming 2022 winter, to ensure minimal energy supply capacity in the EU-territory. In classic Euro-style circumvention strategy, some countries are exempt from these voluntary measures, while others can apply for a deviation. But such looming policy changes constitute new food for thought. Optional savings may become imposed restrictions in the months to come. It may be wise to spend more time browsing options that help decrease gas dependency or expenditure in the process energy resource pool.


A new angle: Now-tech

Now-tech is a container concept that includes all technology that can be applied immediately or in a relatively short time span. In this context it implies short term gains on the road to emission reduction. These gains may translate into the financial orbit - in the form of savings or actual cash-generation - or in achieving effectual emission abatement targets. In ideal cases, both.

Qpinch operates in the backdrop of said circumstances and focuses on a swiftly deployable and readily available now-tech solution.

Our QHT (Qpinch Heat Transformer)
  • combines energy savings of up to 50% and financial gains, with significant emission reduction achievements,
  • by recovering and transforming waste heat into carbon neutral energy. As a freely and largely available resource, waste heat has a massive unrecognised potential. It simply has been undervalued due to preceding inadequate tech solutions.
  • Installing QHT tech literally frees up capital for future investments whilst shrinking your investment needs. A true ‘less is more’ design.
  • This is like taking both feet off the brakes and rediscovering business acceleration.
Activating today means:
  • The QHT ‘from go to yield’-timeline is less than 3 years. In operational terms for the heavy process industry, that is lightning speed performance fulfilment.

    Qpinch Project Flow

    We’re very much aligned with ops-manager concerns: a low-invasive installation (meaning: minimal safety concerns thanks to outside the fence assembly and minimal process downtime) with high-impact results.

  • The payback period for a QHT investment sits between 3 and 4 years, at a gas price of €50/MWh and CO2 prices at €50/T. But we all know today’s prices are much higher. So you can expect your cash yields to come in sooner than that.

    Overall business value increased

    Such a hot ROI break-even timing, combined with the long overall lifespan of a QHT installation, proceeds into an extensive stretch of full profit years.

In conclusion: a Qpinch now-tech installation firstly helps you to reduce both CO2 emissions and operational expense. In the second stretch, you can expect to generate real cash and increase pathway control in your energy transition plans.


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