QHT integration in recycling operations

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Pyrolysis of plastics

Pyrolysis of plastics is an energy-intensive route for closing the carbon loop. The thermal process of cracking requires large amounts of energy.

Recovering the waste heat from the thermal process and using it instead to create more process heat represents an opportunity of significant value, especially in large-scale applications,

This energy is required to shift the thermodynamic equilibrium. Once the process heat is used, it turns to waste heat. Recovering the waste heat and turning that into valuable process heat is a valid way to make plastic recycling less energy intensive.

Pyrolysis is a thermochemical decomposition of organic material in the absence of oxygen. It involves the breakdown of organic materials at elevated temperatures in the presence of a catalyst into smaller molecules, yielding combustible gases and liquids that can be used as biofuels (natural gas), or feedstocks for chemical synthesis.

Why Qpinch

Why QHT tech is the solution to reduce waste heat in the chemical recycling industry.

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Cut back on fossil fuels

Your OpEx suffers increasing pressures from highly volatile fossil fuel prices. Cut back on up to 50% of your fuel expenditures thanks to our QHT tech and decrease your dependency on market fluctuations.
Fast or Energy
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High temperature jump

Depending on the residual temperature of your waste heat, the Qpinch Heat Transformer achieves jumps from 40°C to 80°C in one single step. Lifting 80°C to 120°C and 120°C to 210°C. Ready for processing.
low cost
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Proven tech, available now

Thanks to our impressive 14-year R&D track, we have brought our QHT to Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 9. We currently have 3 operational units at MW scale and are running several Business Case Identification studies.
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Reuse your waste heat

We can quickly assess your specific case.
Our team has extensive experience with energy balances, and with identifying opportunities for turning residual industrial heat into energy.

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We are always eager to share our findings and developments with you. Read more about the details of our technology and the range of possibilities for your industry.
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